Pop-Up Pantry

Providing much needed food to Verde Valley food deserts.

What is a Pop-up Pantry?

Our Pop-up Pantry program delivers perishable and non-perishable food items to those in need in targeted areas. Basically, we pop-up tables and/or tents, fill them with food, and feed the hungry!

How it works?

Manzanita Outreach is a partner agency of the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance in Phoenix, AZ.  Through this partnership, we collaborate to fill the gaps in the emergency food supply chain in the areas we serve.  

The steps in the process are…

  1. We identify an area where there is a significant number of people who are both food-insecure and struggle to get food from another emergency food provider.
  2. We find a location where we can hold the event.
  3. We spread the word in the community!
  4. St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance brings the food to the location.
  5. Our group of 8-10 awesome volunteers facilitate the food distribution process.


Benefits of the program

The program is an effective and efficient way of distributing food while maintaining an atmosphere of dignity for everyone involved.  Specific benefits include:

  • The ability to target an underserved area.
  • Building community and encouraging interaction amongst clients and volunteers.
  • Creation of access to healthy food.
  • Distribution of food on a set schedule in farmer’s market style format.
  • Provides the opportunity to provide other needed services in the community.