Mobile Outreach

Reaching out to provide life’s basic needs where it’s needed most.

Manzanita Outreach delivers hope…locally and abroad.

Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of others by providing life’s basic needs. We envision a world where everyone has their basic life needs met.  Our local efforts are now focused on the Verde Valley. 


Outreach is defined as an activity of providing services to those who might not otherwise have access to needed services. A key component of outreach is that the groups providing it are not stationary, but mobile; in other words, they are meeting those in need of services where they are located.

There are several examples in our communities where are neighbors are unable to get to a service provider.  Examples include homebound residents, the working poor (those who work during the time food is distributed at food banks), and those that don’t have access to a vehicle and live too far from a grocery store to walk.

M.O.’s Mobile Outreach program is designed specifically to address these issues.  Through our collaboration with other service providers in Verde Valley, we collectively work to make services available to those in need.  At this moment, Manzanita Outreach is focused on providing food.

We plan to expand our outreach program in the future to include items such as clothing, blankets, hygiene products, etc.