Hope Packs 4 Kids

Coming soon to a school near you!

Arizona ranks third among all states for the highest level of children are at risk for hunger and food-insecurity.  

Northern Arizona

In the Northern Arizona counties of Apache, Coconino, Mohave, Navajo, and Yavapai, nearly 2/3 of the children that participate in the National School Lunch Program receive their meals for free or at a reduced price. As a result, many children are coming to school too distracted by their empty stomachs to focus on doing well in school.

How the program works

Hope Packs 4 Kids is one way to provide needed food to children who would otherwise not have adequate access to food during the weekends or school breaks.  The program requires the cooperation and support of the entire community; including school officials, community organizations, volunteers, parents and children.

The Hope Packs 4 Kids program provides a weekend supply of nutritious food for children, commonly for low-income families, to replace the school meals that children miss during their weekend or extended breaks from school.  All food is nonperishable and provided to children free of charge. It is our hope these resources will support the health, behavior, and achievement of every student that participates.

Though the program is intended to help those children whose families find it difficult to have enough food for the entire month, all children are eligible for this program.  Information to sign up for the program is sent home with kids in the coming weeks.  Parents will be asked to sign a consent form for their child(ren) to participate.

How you can help

The program is run completely by volunteers.  Volunteers can help by working the schools to sign up children, assemble the food pack, and deliver the food packs to the schools.